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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Maori Art

M is for Maori Art.  We enjoy exploring Maori using Maori Art.  Our class heard stories about Maori and decided to express our feelings through Maori Art.

The whole school knows Maori people like Papa Jack. He taught our Middle Team about Maori legends and we painted taniwhas.

We shared the stories Papa Jack taught us on Matariki Day.  We made paintings of the Seven Stars of Matariki.  

Using Maori Art, we painted korus.  During literacy there was a poem.  Our class copied it down and drew a picture of Maui and his brothers.  We did a pamphlet of Maori names for food.  In the pamphlet I saw other names for pumpkin, kumara and other fruits and vegetables.

Maori Art helps kids learn Maori and more languages.
By Eva Lewis.