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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Here is a connection to "Song of Joy".

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

On Wednesday (today) we did sport activites with Kelly Sports (Mike & Kelly). The sports we did were: Athletics, Volley Ball, Fishing, Touch Rugby, Cricket, Bowling & Soccer. We went with LC 9. Some friends had split up. Some friends worked together.  It was awesome!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Holiday

In the holidays it was my sister Aeva's birthday and Aeva thought she was turning five.  But sadly no!  Anyway, the presents........  Mum, Dad and me got Aeva a dolls house.  It was taller than ME!!!!  It even had an elevator.  I did get one by myself, Trashies. I think Trashies are Trashies because they're like stinky trash.   I didn't get the dolls.  Nonnie and Poppa did.
We finally got to Sugar Plum Fairy Shop.  That's where Aeva's party was.  "I'm turning five.  Yay!" said Aeva.  "Aeva, you are turning four." I said.  "YAY!" Aeva said.  Finally everyone came.  The people were Megan, Kelly, Lala, Lily, Esta, Kaya, me and Aeva.  We were all fluttery fairies.  The person running was Holly.  Holly was VERY excited.  Lala thinks she wants her party there.  We played "Pass the Parcel" and I won a stone.  I called it "Ilah the sun fairy because it was bright yellow. Before we played games, Aeva opened the amazing presents.  

Finally the party was over.  Finally!" I said. "Oooh."  Aeva said.

Mum, Dad, Nonnie, me, Poppa ad Aeva (the birthday girl) met at mum's work.  I was surprised that Aunty Natalie and Uncle Pix were there.  "What?" I said.  "I've got dreamy eye!"  So did Aeva.  "Mine's called Slush." I said .  

"Mine's called Pepper." Aeva said.

We drove home and we never let go of our teddies.

By Ilah