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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The year four sleepover

On the 22nd of November we had the year four sleepover.  We played with Sport Manawtu gear.   We played with hula hoops, a tunnel, golf and a bowling ball.  It was fun.  At the year four sleepover we had a choice of fish and chips, hot dog and chips or sausage and chips. After we had eaten we got ready to go to the Lido on the bus to have a swim for about 45 minutes. After we had got changed we lined up in our class room number so that Mrs Marychurch could count us all to see if none were left behind.  Once we were all  ready we walked to the bus to go back to school. When we got back to school we had supper which was milo and a biscuit and while we were having supper we played our board games for about 3 minutes.  Lastly we had a bed time story and when it finished we went to bed and then slept till 7:15 the next morning. We enjoyed our yummy breakfast.  After our delcious breakfasts we had to do boring exercise. We went running back to the hall to pack our stuff up.  Finally we quickly ran to the lc16 and lc15 court to play with Sport Manawtu gear.
The end By Megan,Clara and Ruby.